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The Uniquely Niyia Experience

In a sensationalized world, there are many voices flooding our television and social media with cookie-cutter affirmations and cliché’ quotes, never really reaching a core audience. Uniquely Niyia has filled this void in the marketplace by centering her authentically crafted messages toward women in leadership seeking to live life to the fullest.  She is an Author, certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Aromatherapist.
Her passions involve Healing, Empowerment and Creativity. Her gift of helping sooth the soul  allows her to impact women and men of all ages that seek to live life past any emotional trauma. She is also known for her substance and sense of style.
Her business Uniquely Niyia,LLC focuses on Health Awareness and is a coaching MISSION  that will inspires you to “Heal Your Emotions so that you can Heal Your Life!”  Niyia is a voice that sets a standard to this generation of women to reconnect with holistic healing.  Niyia offers holistic products to help your heart and soul. Niyia digs deep, as she loves guiding others and is not afraid to challenge people to face their own truths.  She has amazing Project Development skills and host a popular function called “United WOMEN IN WHITE ” as well as “the Beauty Blessing” and a few others to create ease for women and even some men all across the globe.